20 Years of Experience in Diamond Tools Manufacturing

Since 1995, JDK has been manufacturing and exporting worldwide quality diamond tools for use in construction, quarrying, and stone processing. That is why we can say with confidence that our diamond segments, diamond saw blades, diamond wire saws, diamond polishing pads, diamond router bits, diamond cup wheels, and diamond grinding wheels are proven to be long lasting, of high sharpness, and have excellent cutting efficiency. With two factories and a professional R&D department, JDK’s high-technology business exports stone cutting tools to more than 60 countries, including the US, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are looking for a trusted diamond cutting tools supplier that has the experience to meet your specific needs, choose JDK. We are here to serve you.

Main Products
    1. Diamond Segment

      JDK's diamond cutting tools work with low noise, cutting stone uniformly and stably.
      Application: single saw blade, multi-saw blade, gang saw, grinding disc, cup wheel, core drill bits, and calibrating roller.

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    1. Diamond Saw Blade

      The diamond disc uses a high quality emery and powder blank composition. Our segmented diamond blade is very sharp, highly efficient and stably performing.

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    1. Diamond Wire Saw

      The length of JDK's diamond wire saw ranges from 7.2mm to11.5mm for use in a range of applications such as cutting concrete and quarrying, cutting and profiling marble, granite, limestone, sandstone.

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    1. Diamond Fickert

      The diamond metal fickert is used in continuous polish machines with 20 heads as well as semi-automatic polish machines with 3 to 6 heads. Due to its stable and long service life.

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    1. Diamond Frankfurt

      Used in automatic and semi-automatic polishing machines.
      Sharp, durable and highly efficient with low power consumption. Have a high output and excellent gloss.

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    1. Diamond Polishing Pads

      Pad backings are color-coded for easy grit size identification. Our diamond polishing pads' quality has met standards set by European and American markets for many years.

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    1. Diamond Brush

      High processing efficiency, long service life.
      The abrasive antique brush is used to process all kinds of stones, making them skid-proof with an antique style.

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    1. Concrete Cup Wheel

      Good balance that ensures excellent grinding.
      Long lifespan and stable performance.
      Competitive price and superior quality .
      Excellent service.

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